Other Services

Mini Makeovers

To give your kitchen a fresh look, you don’t have to rip out and renovate the entire space.
Try focusing instead on one or a few key products or design elements that can be updated to enliven your space.
We often find the kitchen itself is functional, in good condition just maybe a little tired.

We can perform a “facelift” by painting or changing doors and panels, new benchtops, new splashbacks. You will be amazed how small changes with new finishing materials can make a huge difference.

These mini makeover solutions will refresh your kitchen and add value to your home and are our speciality.

For Sale Preparation

Getting ready to sell your place? Want to spend a little to maximise your properties sale price? Living with Style can work with you to tidy up and enhance rooms and spaces that will get buyers reaching for their wallets.

Outdoor Living

Do you have a dilapidated deck or a pathetic patio?
The Australian lifestyle demands that your home has an external area to cook, entertain and relax in.
If your property is lacking a second living area using the space outside your home can be a much cheaper option than trying to renovate and re-configure internal rooms.

The Central Coast has such a good temperature all year round don’t think your investment will only be used in summer.

Contact us now to get your outdoor project moving.